Our product range is very extensive. The sections below are 6 of our main product groups.

  • LED Light Fittings

    LED Light Fittings

    Our LED Luminaires offer you all the benefits of LED along with superior quality, reliable brands and fundamental manufacturer’s warranties. 

    Our range is ideal for many applications including:

    - Commercial

    - Industrial

    - Retail

    - Domestic lighting



  • Lamps for UV Applications

    Lamps for UV Applications

    Ultra violet lamps are available in 3 main types:
    Blacklight (white in colour when not lit)
    Blacklight Blue (black in colour when not lit)
    Germicidal (clear glass)

    Each lamp type has its own unique application.

    Typical Applications:

    - Fly Killer Units

    - Glue & Varnish Curing

    - Air & Water Purification

    - Disco Effects

    - Bank Note detection

  • Lamps for the Food Industry

    Lamps for the Food Industry

    Within the food industry the main aim is to ensure food is displayed with the correct light to maximize its appearance without disguising poor produce, as well as conforming to health and safety standards.

    Typical Applications:

    - Hot Food Counters

    - Retail Food Display

    - Food Production Areas
    (compliant with IEC standards)




  • Lamps for Medical Applications

    Lamps for Medical Applications

    Medical lamps are carefully engineered to exacting specifications to ensure precise, reliable performance.  

    Typical Applications:

    - Hospitals

    - Doctors Surgeries

    - Dental Practices

    - Veterinary Clinics





  • Entertainment Industry

    Entertainment Industry

    Lighting effects are essential to set the mood at concerts, nightclubs and special events.  The entertainment industry sees extensive use of special halogen, miniature lamps, coloured lamps, metal halide and other discharge lamps to create the required scene.

    Typical Applications:

    - Clubs & Discos

    - Theatres & Concert Halls

    - Funfairs

    - Bowling Alleys

    - Music Festivals